Friday, February 26, 2016

T2 Medium Tank

The T2 was an American medium tank based off the the Vickers Medium Mk. II. The tank did not service and at least one prototype was made.
Name: T2
Type: Medium
Origin: United States
Year: 1929
Produced: 1 (at least)

Length: 4.88 Meters
Width: 2.44 Meters
Height: 2.77 Meters
Weight: 15240 Kilograms
Speed: 40 km/h (15 km/h off road) (one source says 24 km/h)

Crew: 4

Primary Armament:
-37 mm Gun
-47 mm Semi-Automatic
Secondary Armament:
-7.62 mm M1919A4 AND
-37 mm Gun OR
-12.7 mm M2OR

19 mm Front
6.4 mm Side
6.4 mm Rear
3.35 mm Top
3.35 mm Bottom
22 mm Front
19 mm Side


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