Wednesday, November 23, 2016

AT 6 Assault Tank

The AT 6 was a Nuffield assault vehicle designed after the AT 5. The designed featured a 6-pounder and a Polsten cannon. The autoloader fired a shell every second.
Name: AT 6
Type: Assault Tank
Origin: United Kingdom
Year: 1943

Length: 6.273 Meters
Width: 3.312 Meters
Height: 2.375 Meters
Weight: 43000 Kilograms
Speed: ???

Crew: ???

Primary Armament:
-57 mm 6-Pounder (Autoloader: 7)
-20 mm Polsten
Secondary Armament:
-7.92 mm BESA (2)
-flame thrower

Gun Flexibility: °

203 mm Front
102 mm Side
76 mm Rear
-Upper Structure
76 mm Side


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